Meet Serena!!

Hi there, I am Serena,

I am still a pup at heart, I love to run and play and would make a great hiking buddy. I am a bit shy with other dogs until I get to know them, then I want to play with them.

I still have lots to learn and would love to learn from you, especially if there is a yummy treat that goes with it. I have been working on walking on a leash but sometimes I get impatient and just want to run. I can’t wait to show you how quickly I can learn.

Even though I have plenty of energy, I do love to crash, cuddle and just hang out with my hooman. If that were you then I would be over the moon.

I am waiting, just hit the "Apply to Adopt" button and it could be the start of a life-long love affair!

Serena Attributes:
Current Vaccines

All dogs are spayed/neutered prior to adoption