Dinkus - T2021343

Male Dog aged Adult.

As silly & gorgeous as they come DINKUS is a 6 year old goofball with loads of energy. He weighs 59 lbs. and is always ready for a good time Dinkus was originally transferred to us on December 10th, 2019, from Marion County Animal Shelter. He has been here for 1,000+ days and counting but he deserves to be rehabilitated to a loving home setting. Dinkus likes to climb, dig, and can be a bit mouthy. With the proper training, some love, time, and patience, DINKUS can be a lovable companion who is always ready to go on the next adventure life can bring. Dinkus must go to a home with no dogs, or cats. A home with children over 12, a home with a nice tall sturdy fence, and above all, a home where he is given the attention, time, and patience this dog needs to thrive! This good boy is worth it!

Humane Society of Marion County
701 NW 14TH Road, 352-873-7387