Knuckles - F2021044

Male Dog aged Adult.

“Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive train and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. It’s a Bird, It’s a plane”, NO it’s Knuckles!

Knuckles is a 68 pound 3 year - 8 month old boy who has called the Humane Society of Marion County his home for a very long time now. In the grand scheme of things, life has not been fair to him. He loves to be on the go, playing fetch and running around endlessly. Knuckles also has been gifted with the incredible ability to jump high making 6ft fences just mere hurdles. Knuckles is good with other dogs but not so good with cats or small children due to his size and energy levels. He gets a bit carried away sometimes! Knuckles will need a home where an owner can take him out and exert his mounds of energy and allow him to wear himself out before being able to nap and recharge. He will need an owner who is strong and able to correct him and handle him effectively.

Humane Society of Marion County
701 NW 14TH Road, 352-873-7387