Meet Beau!!

Hi I’m Beau,
I am a mature dog with short legs and great thick coat. It would be perfect for cold winters in the north. I am very laid back and prefer a slow-moving lifestyle. I do like my walks in the mornings so I can stay in shape.

I am a bit chunky, but I think that is my heritage (possibly Corgi and American Eskimo) and short legs that make me look that way.

I have lived a pretty sheltered life, and many things scare me. I am not reactive but if I am scared my first response is to get the heck out of there. So, you will want to watch the first few times we walk on a leash together.

I am not much for toys or playing with other dogs. They are ok but I can take them or leave them. I am not sure about cats, but I think if they ignore me, I will do the same.

I am still getting used to car rides, I don’t get sick or anything they just make me nervous.

My favorite thing is to spend time with my people. I love to cuddle and get hugs and generally be close. I will make a great companion for someone with a quiet lifestyle.

If that sounds like you, then fill in the application and we can meet on a Zoom call.
Loving life,

Beau Attributes:
Current Vaccines
Height (top of head or ears to floor):

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