Meet Dolly!!

Hello, Dolly is my name,

I am a young pup, still learning how to be a good dog. I watch my pack and follow their lead.

I am very affectionate and want to give kisses to everyone. I live with cats and other dogs now and love to play with them all. I don’t live with children, but I think they would be fun to play with too.

If you have toys of all kinds to play with I will be a very happy girl. I like car rides and don’t get nervous or throw up or anything.

Right now, I have access to go outside when I want to, so I know to go out to do my business outside.

My foster takes me out walking on a leash. I am getting better at that, but there are still times when I see something interesting that I will pull. I know how to Sit, Stay, and Come so I must be a pretty smart girl.

If it sounds like I would fit into your family, then fill in the application and we can meet on a Zoom call.

Lots of love, Dolly

Dolly Attributes:
Current Vaccines
Height (top of head or ears to floor):

All dogs are spayed/neutered prior to adoption