Meet Sura!!

Hi, I am Surá,

Even though I am just a puppy, my foster is working with me to get me ready for my forever family. Some of the things I am working on include commands of up, down, in, out, sit, down, and walk together. I know that I must wait beside my bowl until I get the signal to eat. I am pretty good with recall and walking on a leash, but there is still some work to do on both of those.

I love to play with other dogs the most, but I do like to chew on plastic bottles, bones, and other sticks. I live with cats now and I like to play with them, but I am still a bit rough with them, so they leave sometimes when I want to play. I love to run and my foster mom gives me a job of looking for food she has hidden for us to find. That is great fun.

Car rides are fun especially if we end up at the beach. I love the water and am a pretty good swimmer.

I also love to cuddle and could be a lap dog if I wasn’t so busy! A pet on the head is a great reward. I spend most of my time outside, so I still need to work a bit on my potty training.

If you are looking for an active smart puppy then I think we would get along, so fill in an application and we can meet on a Zoom call.

Lots of love to give.

Sura Attributes:
Current Vaccines
Height (top of head or ears to floor):

All dogs are spayed/neutered prior to adoption