Meet Puma!!

Hi, I'm Puma,
I sure hope you are looking for a great young dog to help make your home complete. If that is so, then stop looking, you found her.

I am pretty shy when I first meet new people but all I need is a bit of attention to build my confidence and I will shine. I don't live with children but I have been around them and I know to just stay calm and relax.

I like dogs in my pack and I will play but I would prefer to chill out and relax. I am what you might call laid-back!

When my foster family takes me out for a walk I stick pretty close to them because there are a lot of street dogs and they scare me a bit. It is much better when I walk with my pack.

I don't have many toys but give me a nice marrow bone and I will be busy all day! Cats are not my thing, unless they like to be chased then I am all in.

Oh did I mention that I love to swim? It is the best thing when we go to the beach and I get to play in the water. I'm in heaven then. The car ride there makes me a bit nervous so I don't look out the window or anything. I just wait until we are at the beach then I am fine.

I am pretty good with my basic commands like Sit, Come and of course, come eat! I know I still have lots to learn but I hope my new family will be ready to teach me how to be the best dog I can be.

If it sounds like we could be a match then fill in the application and we can meet on a Zoom call.

I am all yours,

Puma Attributes:
Current Vaccines
Height (top of head or ears to floor):

All dogs are spayed/neutered prior to adoption