1 PAWS Dog Adoption Application

Apply here for a dog. You must specify a dogs' name or apply for a puppy when we bring in a litter. After applying, you will receive a follow-up call in the next 3-5 days. A copy of your form will be sent to your inbox, along with information about how the application and adoption processes work. This email might end up in your spam folder.

Tell Us About You and Your Household

Please list the name, age, relationship, and phone number or email of others who live in your home.
Name Relationship Age Phone or Email

Please list the breed, age, and gender of the pets you have owned in the past five years.
Name Breed Age Time Owned If Deceased, Year Passed

Please list the relationship, age, and frequency of any visiting children.
Relationship to You Age Frequency

Please list the breed, age, gender, and frequency of any visiting pets.
Breed Age Gender Frequency
Please provide three non-family references and their phone number and email address:
Name Phone Number Email Address Time Known

Tell Us About Your Home

Tell Us About Your Previous/Current Pets

Tell Us About Your PAWS Dog Preference

Please Note: An emotional support animal is a pet that is prescribed by a licensed mental health professional to a person with a disabling mental illness. They are not trained service dogs. Not all PAWS dogs qualify as proper emotional support animals.

Tells Us About this PAWS Dog's Future Life with You

Complete Application

Want to make sure your application gets processed as quickly as possible? Here are a few options:
1. If your vet requires permission to talk to about your records, please call them and give them a heads up we may be contacting them!
2. If you keep paper copies of vet records, email them to dogs@centrecountypaws.org
3. You can also email us your pet agreement with your landlord!