1 PAWS Cat Adoption Application

Apply here for a cat. You may indicate interest in a specific cat if you choose, but we cannot reserve a specific cat for you until you have met the cat. Non-specific cat applications are also accepted. After applying, you will receive a follow-up call or email in the next 3-5 days.

Government-issued photo identification may be required at time of adoption.
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Do you have plans to move frequently within the new few years? Do you plan to remain in the United States? Do you plan to look for future homes for both you and a new dog?

Please list the name, age, relationship, and phone number or email of others who live in your home.
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Please list the breed, age, and gender of the pets you have owned in the past five years.
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Please list the relationship, age, and frequency of any visiting children.
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Please list the breed, age, gender, and frequency of any visiting pets.
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Vaccinations typically include Rabies and FVRCP. Your vet might recommend additional vaccines.
If you have never owned a pet please tell us where you would plan to go for vetting.

Tell Us About Your PAWS Cat Preference
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Cat temperament: I want my cat to be

Tell Us About this PAWS Cat's Future Life with You
Are there any behaviors that you would not tolerate? Tell us how you would handle destructive behavior?
What is important to you? This question is open-ended, so feel free to put anything!
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