Intake Form (English)

Intake Form - English

Please provide complete and accurate information about your dog. Incomplete information may result in your form being rejected. We will get in touch with you as soon as we have a opening in our program.

While you wait for us to contact you, please click here to read this page for important information about our program.

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Basic information about the dog:

If the dog is fostered someplace other than your home, you are responsible for insuring it is fed, watered, taken to the vet, socialized and prepared for adoption. Our volunteers will also need access to the location in order to do a home-check.


Describe the dog's personality.

History of the dog


As soon as you rescue a dog, you need to take it to a vet. We require documentation from your vet that the dog is free of any diseases that need immediate attention or any apparent injury of lesion that may produce pain or discomfort.

This is not the same as a veterinary record of vaccines. You can take one of these two sample letters to your vet: Sample 1 or Sample 2.

Final steps

Thank you for saving this dog and for taking the time to provide us the most complete and accurate information possible! We want to find a home where this dog will not only be safe, but will thrive! Together we can do it!


Rescue Guidelines and the Ten Best Practices for Rescuing are excellent resources to get you started.